No more lost dockets, no more buying and changing printer paper rolls or dealing with paper jams. With Atrax’s e-receipt technology, the e-ticket is downloaded straight to the driver’s mobile phone and can be forwarded anywhere.

“The ticket’s not printing.” “I don’t have a ticket.” “The printer needs servicing.” Remove all the hassle with our new e-receipts. The driver uses their mobile phone to scan a QR code which allows them to download the docket straight to their phone.

  • Forward it to anyone.
  • As many copies as you want.
  • No operator needed to sort out a printer.

Drivers learn to use QR codes very easily because they already know how to turn on their phone camera. The steps are simple:

  1. Kiosk displays QR code.
  2. Driver turns on phone camera and points at the QR code. This automatically prompts the phone to download the docket.
  3. The driver confirms the download which triggers an automatic PDF e-receipt download to the phone.

From there the driver can forward the PDF or just take a screen shot and save directly onto the phone as an image.

Use Weightrax e-receipts to automate a self-serve system, empowering drivers to meet their own needs.

Better for the environment, better for your stress levels, better for your wallet!

Talk to us about getting Atrax’s e-receipt technology for your business.


With Weightrax nothing is left to chance