Weighbridge software in the cloud delivers real-time data

Weighbridge transaction data and flexible reporting available in real-time, on any device. Sound good?

Easy reporting and real-time data visibility are standard with Weightrax cloud-based weighbridge software. Weightrax captures and sends data immediately, even on isolated sites. Real-time information means your data is instantly available, on any device. It’s always accurate and it runs even if the internet goes down.

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Automated data back-ups

Never lose data, even in case of site theft or disaster. Your data is always backed up in two places – on your local computer and to the cloud. Highly secure to prevent data breaches.

Lower costs

Weightrax manages any upgrades so you always run the latest version. Reduce operational costs of IT management and system maintenance. Never suffer from old technology or outdated systems again.

Remote inputs

Mobile devices like tablets enable remote inputs from a loader driver or other staff out in the field.

Easy & fast operation of unmanned sites

Great for after-hours or low volume sites. Save the cost of an operator. No driver training is required. Drivers follow simple prompts on the touch screen.

  • Touch screen is simple & intuitive
  • Wide range of flexible reports
  • Easy integration with accounting, ERP and back office systems
  • Easy integration with peripherals like barrier arms & traffic lights
  • POS system – use with or without a weighbridge
  • Reports time & date of last data synchronization
  • Remote support & training as needed

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With Weightrax nothing is left to chance