If your weighbridge needs large outdoor displays with big digits and wide viewing angles for drivers, let us help you.

Weightrax manufactures a range of high quality, reasonably priced Large Figure Displays that are easy to fit to existing or new weighbridge sites. We offer a range of connection options including wireless operation over our Atrax Wireless Link, or a cabled Local Area Network (Ethernet) connection, or a traditional simple RS232 serial interface.

Our new technology is bigger and brighter with high contrast for clear viewing in direct sunlight. The units are software-driven to enable multiple screens and multiple display types. Perfect for displaying separate truck, trailer and combined weight at the same time.

Atrax Group Large Figure Display

Weightrax Large Figure Displays are easy to interface with other devices including a range of scale weights indicators or a computer. Display options include red and green traffic lights as well as Stop/Go/Exit messages.  If there is no computer, the display can be driven from an existing scale weight indicator and the operator can use a simple toggle switch for Stop/Go message selection.

Most popular:

  • Display weight readings to the driver
  • Give alpha-numeric messages such as Stop/Go/Exit
  • Control traffic flow commands
  • Let drivers know their truck limits are not exceeded
  • Interfaces via Weightrax kiosks to instruct drivers as they enter and exit a site
  • Add multiple displays as required

All our Large Figure Displays can be used over the regular serial RS232 that most weight indicators use. They are designed to give a lifetime of service in outdoor conditions such as rain, wind and UV sunlight.

Large Figure Displays help ensure safe and legal weighbridge operation. Drivers can see the scale is set at zero before entering the weighbridge and view the actual truck weight when fully on the bridge. This enables the driver to check individual axle weights, ensure they’re not overweight for the road, and that they’re being charged accurately.

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