Weightrax Mobile uses ruggedised tablets and a radio mesh network to deliver wireless data connections to loader drivers and other mobile operators, giving visibility of all onsite vehicles and their orders – even at remote sites.

Weightrax Mobile is perfect for attended or unattended sites. Weightrax Mobile uses radio mesh (Weightrax Connect) to create its own radio data network at any site. It operates even in the most remote areas that have no other connectivity. Weightrax Mobile connects with the Weightrax Point of Sale software application. The industrial tablet is rugged enough to perform in harsh conditions day after day.

Weightrax Mobile uses a ruggedised tablet and radio mesh network

Wireless data connections have benefits for all types of waste, quarry and other weighbridge operations. Point of sale processes can be automated and contactless.

At waste transfer or landfill sites, mobile staff can check the waste type declared by each customer and compare it to what is actually being discharged.  They have the ability to check and change the declared waste type before the customer checks out of the facility, ensuring the correct waste type is charged for.

At quarries, loader drivers can see all traffic at the site including each truck’s order reference details. It’s easy to ensure every truck is loaded and billed for the correct material and volume. Weightrax Mobile removes the need for walkie talkie chatter. Everything is done right the first time, removing the cost and time of fixing mistakes and tidying up accounts.

Unattended mode

Weightrax can be set to ‘unattended’ mode, with no weighbridge operator required. Truck drivers can enter their own information at the kiosk without leaving their truck. Identification options include automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), PIN number or swiping a Dallas tag to identify pre-registered trucks and start the weighing in process. Weightrax software stores the tare weight from the weighbridge or can use a pre-assigned tare for the identified vehicle. When the truck weighs out, billing is done from this live data. There’s no need to visit the site to retrieve data.

Weightrax software connects with on-board weighing systems to receive weight data. This creates a more efficient site by removing the need for printers or paper dockets in loaders. Data flows into the Weightrax application from Weightrax Mobile, making it available to accounting and other systems.

Key benefits for quarries

  • Loader drivers have visibility of what trucks are onsite & what they want
  • Integration with on-board loader scales & other systems
  • Automated sites can remove the need for a weighbridge operator
  • No printers or paper dockets in loaders
  • Improved Safety – truck driver stays in truck

Weightrax Mobile delivers cost savings by removing the need for weighbridge operator staff and eliminating incorrect product types being charged. Highlight current trucks per hour to aid compliance with any resource consent limits. Better coordination between multiple loaders allowing one or more loaders to “claim” the truck to be loaded. At small one-man quarries the loader driver can manage the whole process alone. Less loader time, faster truck turnaround.

More profit and control

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