More than 70% of Weightrax users remained operational during New Zealand’s level four lockdown, as measured by Weightrax network traffic.

Some industry sectors classed as essential services, such as waste, feed and port facilities, maintained onsite operations during lockdown.

Many other customers took full advantage of Weightrax’s ‘work from anywhere’ capabilities and made the successful transition to working from home.

Weightrax cloud software enables all customers to log into their Weightrax system from any browser on any computer. Real-time weighbridge transaction data and reporting is available on any device 24/7.

Weightrax customers can switch smoothly to remote working, says Software Delivery Manager David Wishart.

“For most, the biggest change has actually been a mental shift – people are used to doing work in the office and it’s a bit of a shock when they realise that they can just as easily do it from home,” he says.

“Using their existing login they can work from any home computer, with the same security protocols as when they work from a company office.”

Most Weightrax site computers have remote software installed, allowing Weightrax support staff to log in remotely to give assistance, check the computer and provide support. Weightrax has also been proactively supporting customers to ensure a smooth transition to remote working. This includes maintaining an overview of the Weightrax machines on the network and making sure transaction data is being synchronised.

“We’ve proactively called some customers whose data is not synching to ask them if they are still operating, just in case they have an issue which is preventing their data from coming through,” says David Wishart.

The Weightrax support team has also been supporting customers who have begun to deliver products using new remote processes such as phone ordering.

“Some customers are now taking phone orders and we’ve helped them to upload those remote transactions into their Weightrax system when they have been offsite,” David Wishart says.

“We’re getting more enquiries about Weighbridge automation because businesses want to enable no-contact transactions and contact tracing. We offer a range of solutions to maintain social distancing, including dual or virtual printing, that are easy to retrofit.”

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